Abtech Safety - Part of Cresto Alliance

Cresto Alliance UK Merger: Who Are Abtech Safety?

As the Cresto Alliance UK Merger approaches, we’re excited to spotlight our sister companies, Abtech Safety and Outreach Rescue. On 1 April 2024, Safety Technology Ltd will rebrand and fully align all operations with these industry leaders, enhancing our collective capabilities. Through this integration, we’ll continue to offer quality, certified safety solutions alongside our acclaimed…

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North Sea Floating Offshore Wind Farm

Floating Wind Turbines: The Future Offshore?

Unleashing the Power of Floating Wind Turbines In the ever-evolving world of renewable energy, an emerging type of offshore technology is making waves and capturing the imagination of wind turbine engineers and industry professionals alike. We’re talking about what could be the game-changing innovation of floating wind turbines! The future of UK offshore wind energy…

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GWO courses from Safety Technology

GWO courses are the cornerstone of our renewables training for technicians working in wind energy. This week we highlight the courses formats and what technicians will learn. GWO courses are split into two main standards, Basic Safety Training and Basic Technical Training. Each has component modules which can be trained separately but most technicians tend…

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