Abtech Safety - Part of Cresto Alliance

Cresto Alliance UK Merger: Who Are Abtech Safety?

As the Cresto Alliance UK Merger approaches, we’re excited to spotlight our sister companies, Abtech Safety and Outreach Rescue. On 1 April 2024, Safety Technology Ltd will rebrand and fully align all operations with these industry leaders, enhancing our collective capabilities. Through this integration, we’ll continue to offer quality, certified safety solutions alongside our acclaimed…

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Safety Technology Ltd Merger 2024

Cresto Alliance UK Merger: Uniting To Elevate Safety in 2024

This year, Safety Technology is looking forward to being part of a strategic complete integration with Cresto Alliance UK, building upon our commitment to offer customers the best in safety and rescue training and solutions. As of 1 April, this move will not only reinforce our position in the industry but also better serve your…

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