Training for a group of lineman on the new Safety Technolgy Polecat pole choking device.

Training covered product introduction, fitting and adjustment, climbing with device, passing an obstacle and use of additional attachment products.

This training took in to account the DNO’s climbing procedures and attachment of associated products.

Feedback was excellent, very easy to use and climb with, easy to adjust, lightweight and much better than existing products.


The Roperat used in conjunction with the Polecat was supplied with cut resistant rope and a red carabiner for easy identification when attaching as requested by the DNO.

Following discussions a new shock absorbing lanyard with cut resistant rope and mini shock absorber had been developed and was trialled during this exercise. Feedback was excellent.


A special bolt bag had been requested by the DNO and the prototype was trialled. Modifications have been made and it is back with the DNO.


A new harness as requested by the DNO was provided by STL and a climbing trial undertaken with the Polecat and new lanyard.