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On 1 April 2024 ‘Safety Technology Ltd’ (STL) ceased trading. As part of an effort by Cresto Alliance UK to streamline services and offer customers better experiences, all safety and rescue training programmes are now provided by Outreach Rescue, and all safety solutions and equipment can be purchased from Abtech Safety.

The Raglan training facility once operated by STL in Monmouthshire, South Wales continues to be fully operational, with the same team of expert trainers in place providing GWO-certified training and more. This facility is now an Outreach Rescue site.

Abtech Safety: Elevating Safety Standards

Quality and reliability are at the heart of Abtech Safety’s ethos. Our product range is a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive safety solutions. Whether it’s the advanced technology in their fall arrest systems, the practicality of the T3 tripods, or the endurability of the SLIX range of rescue stretchers, each product is designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring safety without compromising on functionality. As part of this merger, STL Tech harnesses and rescue systems now complement Abtech Safety’s range of safety solutions.

Outreach Rescue: Your Training Partner 

A crucial aspect of this merger is continuing Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training at our well-established Monmouthshire training facility. The facility continues to retain its legacy, while also now being a new Outreach Rescue training centre, complimenting our base in Snowdonia and broadening the scope and reach of our training solutions.

Outreach Rescue’s reputation for excellence is backed by our advanced training facility in the mountainous region of North Wales and a team of seasoned instructors. We offer practical, scenario-based training environments and real-world experienced trainers ensure that every course is informative, highly relevant, and truly impactful.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding this information, please don’t hesitate to contact us and and a member of the team will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.