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At Safety Technology, we’re working hard to deliver a safer energy future. As part of the Cresto Group we specialise in working at height safely whether that’s on a distribution pole, a transmission tower or a wind turbine. Through our training, equipment, inspection and consultation services we champion a compliant and safe working environment for the wind energy and electricity distribution sectors.

Innovation stands at the heart of everything we do from the our ergonomic harnesses to pole chokers and rescue devices and from scenario-based training to ex-services specific courses, we lead the industry in finding better ways to stay safe while working at height. We achieve this by collaborating with accreditors like the GWO, as well industry partners in the generation and distribution sectors to ensure that our training and equipment delivers better safety standards for all our customers in the UK and beyond.

Our services

Focused on the safety needs of every individual.

STL's guiding principles


Only through advancement can we create a safer energy future. We work with the industry and with experts to ensure everything we deliver is at the leading edge of what is possible, safe and fit for purpose


We can only provide a safer energy future by working with everyone who can help deliver it. From training to equipment consultations, we provide honest, useful designs and information that allows everyone to do better.


By holding ourselves and our industry to the highest possible standards, we will deliver high quality, ethically sound, effective and environmentally focused solutions that respond to changing compliance standards.


We work for and with the wind, utility and industry sectors. Our training is provided by full qualified trainers, and our equipment is designed by the world’s leading brands.

Our services

Safety Technology’s service focusses on a three point safety system that prioritises the safety needs of each individual.

Inspection ensures a safe environment, equipment ensures individuals have the most up to date PPE and training ensures individual knowledge to operate in a safe manner.


The latest PPE and safety systems for workers in a variety of working at height roles, including utilities, renewables and general industry.

Inspection & Servicing

Inspection services for PPE, rescue devices and fixed safety systems for utilities and renewable energy.ensuring continued safe operations.


Training services for utilities and renewable energy, including GWO courses, rescue courses, confined space, equipment use and train the trainer.
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Our focus

Safety Technology’s three point safety process focuses on the key needs of the individual; a safe environment, the correct equipment and the knowledge to work safely.

Specialising in working at height within the utility, industry and wind energy sectors.


Working with linemen and major utilities to ensure their safety

Wind Energy

Delivering GWO training and safety solutions globally


Ensuring safety for workers at height across industry

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Our clients

Safety Technology’s client base spans large global companies through to small independent businesses that all share our no compromise attitude to safety.

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