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20 years of safety innovation

Safety Technology has over 20 years of experience providing safety solutions to utilities, renewables and general industry customers.

Founded with a simple mission to ensure the safety of workers at height, Our culture of innovation has put as at the forefront of development in specialist harness and fall arrest solutions, training methodologies and inspection and maintenance, put to work in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments.

We take safety seriously, everyone that uses our equipment completes our training courses or works at a site we have inspected matters to us. We know that everyone has a home to return to at the end of the day and we play a key role in making sure it happens.

Why choose STL

No one safety solution is the same. By focussing on the needs of each individual Safety Technology ensures it delivers safety solutions where they will matter most, the people on the ground. This allows Safety Technology to easily work with large corporates and smaller companies with a clear commitment to the safety of their individuals.

  • Flexible, innovative solutions
  • Fully GWO accredited
  • Industry-leading equipment
  • Experienced team
  • Global capability

STL experience

Equipment 22 years
Work at Height - 20 years
GWO Training - 12 years
Inspection - 12 years
USA - 8 years

The STL Team

Ian Jones

UK Group Managing Director

Sally Love

UK Group Business Manager

Danny Ramsay

UK Sales Manager

Ashley Powell

Customer Fulfilment Manager

Andy Yates

Technical Account Manager

Robin Jones

Financial Controller

Mark Fryatt

Sales Development Manager/Senior Trainer

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Working With STL


Flexible safety solutions that adapt to the needs of the individual, company and environment.


Years of experience ad up to an efficient working process that ensures we deliver on time, every time.


We know how important our work is, precision is the backbone of our team’s values.


Safety doesn’t stand still. We are constantly striving for better and safer, innovating our products and services.