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Electricity North West

Safety Technology were approached by Electricity Northwest  to review the current pole choking belt used to climb overhead lines. They briefed us to develop a new device with a belt that was easy to adjust, would stop the user as quickly as possible in the event of a fall, could not be “cheated” when used  (could not be used to climb unless the full choking capability was engaged) and that it was cut resistant.

Manx Electric

We were invited to Manx Electric to discuss their specific PPE and work at height requirements, as their existing kits were coming to the end of their working life. We organised a demonstration day in the Isle Man with all their Linemen in attendance. This gave the team at STL a great opportunity to showcase…


Training for a group of lineman on the new Safety Technolgy Polecat pole choking device. Training covered product introduction, fitting and adjustment, climbing with device, passing an obstacle and use of additional attachment products. This training took in to account the DNO’s climbing procedures and attachment of associated products. Feedback was excellent, very easy to…