Tower Rescue Kit




Product Description

Large pear shaped carabiner for easy attachment to tower sections
Auto retracting safety knife blade to prevent damage to components or user
Easy to use device with anti-panic feature
One handed rope adjustment to lengthen or shorten the rope as needed
Device is certified for descent, work positioning and fall arrest


1 x 15M Rope with 2 Stage (SMALL) Captive Bar Carabiner
1 x Lory
1 x 3 Stage Carabiner Captive bar
1 x 3 stage Carabiner
1 x 2 Stage Carabiner
1 x 1M (2M) Sling
1 x Safety Knife Self-Retracting With Pouch
1 x Quickdraw 17cm
1 x PVC Roll-Top Bag



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