Cresto Simo+ WP ANSI – Scaff. Work positioning lanyard


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Product description

Support lanyard with soft one handed-adjusting grip.

Built from aluminium hardware and 11 mm kernamantle construction polyamide rope, this product is excellent in poor weather and has also been tested for falls over sharp edges.

Unique construction and testing means it is certified for EN353-2 as well as EN358. The shock-absorbing function is friction between the rope adjuster and the rope in a “soft” way. Its important to have the rope in pretension as much as possible and to have 30 cm spare for the brake function at the end. This model has ANSI approved connectors with side-loaded gate tested >16 kN. So this is the best product for both restraint and fall arrest together.


Lanyard: Kernmantle rope, 32-braided, 11mm. Cover and core in Polyamide
Lanyard strength: <35kN
Energy absorber: Energy absorber in the adjuster
Connecting carabiner 1: Aluminium Triple ANSI (Carabiner 9684)
Connecting carabiner 2: Aluminium 2-way ANSI (Hook 9690)
Adjuster: Aluminium Rope grab
Product weight: 1,7-10,2kg


Standards: EN 358, EN 353-2
Notified Body: Nr.0402: SP Technical Research lnstitute of Sweden, Box 857, SE-501 15 Borås


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