Polecat Polechoker – Large


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Product Description

A lightweight pole choking device for standard and extra stout poles. Easy adjustable it is designed to arrest in a very short distance and minimises the effect in the event of a fall due to the unique mini shock absorber. Side handles for ease of use when climbing.

It is available with either standard Kermantle rope or cut resistant Aramid rope in the rope adjuster.


Webbing: Red Polyester 50mm Webbing— clearly visible.
Rubber Grip Pads: Provide extremely short stopping distance in the event of a fall
Large Snap Hook: Ease of use with gloves
Adjustable Buckles: Allows use on a wide variety of pole diameters—
One-handed Operation Rope Adjuster: Comfortable to grip and provides easy adjustment on the pole
Cap ve Carabiners: To Prevent Loss
Integrated Shock Absorber and Fall Arrest Indicators: Pat. App. Significantly reduces load on the user in the event of a fall. Fall arrest indicators provide evidence of a fall.
Tie Back Ring/Clip: To keep slack out of the way whilst climbing
Belt Can Not Be Used: Without engaging the fall arrester

The rope-rat is fully integrated and part of the product and has been tested as such. The rope rat can not be removed from the polecat.


PoleCat CR (Cut Resistant)

Polecat Lge 200 – 450cm for extra stout poles

Class A1: ENA TS 43-123, 1999 ice gaff to be used in icy/slippery conditions
EN 358:1999


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