Cresto Single Snap SRL W2 2m              



Product Description

The W2 is one of the smallest and lightest retractable fall arrest devices on the market. The attractive design offers outstanding strength as well as performance. Self-retractable and self-locking, the braking mechanism reacts smoothly and limits the users fall distance to a minimum. A personal fall arrest block is the smart alternative to a standard fall arrest lanyard.


Lanyard: Dyneema webbing lanyard, strong resistance

Energy absorber: Top swivel with external energy absorber with fall indicator

Housing: PC ABS Plastic House

Carabiner: Aluminium Screw (Carabiner 9668)

Lanyard Carabiner: Alumninium 2-way (Snap-hook 9687)


Notified Body: No.: 0120, SGS United Kingdom Limited. Weston-Super-Mare, BS22 6WA.

EAN: 7350015795846


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