Cresto RPX Original


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Product Description

RESQ RPX is the latest generation of rescue and evacuation equipment from RESQ – designed and developed for easy use with intuitive functions. The RPX can handle most rescue scenarios in various industries and extreme environments, from evacuation from high heights, lifting deep shafts to advanced rescues, the height worker can feel confident that the equipment performance is verified

Single-sided use for safe handling – all features on frontside. Universal power tool-interface for heavy lifting up to 255m. Top mounted swivel for optimal positioning, even in tight conditions and confined spaces. Laser printed, easy to read data pictograms, engraved direct and permanently on the body. 280kg – 255m verified and tested weight and height! The Cresto patented vacuum packaging allows for fast, simple yearly inspections as well as a lifetime of 10 years for unbroken vacuum packages.


1 Edge protection.
1 Block 35kN. (Pulley)
1 Opening line lock for rescue.”Fishhook”
(works on wire, slings, elastic fall arrester)
3 Carabiners. ANSI approved
2 Anchorage sling, textile 1.2m


Standards: EN341:2011 cl.A; EN1496:2006;
Notified body: ANSI Z359.4-2013; CSA-Z259.2.3:12


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