Cresto Redpro Mk3


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Product Description

RED Pro 3 is the latest version and has a refined and simplified lifting and locking function for rescue. RED Pro 3 is equipped with a built in torque limiter in the handwheel which is used to lift a person to safely disconnect their fall protection equipment and evacuate them to a safe place

During descent, the centrifugal brake is automatically engaged and regulates to a constant descent speed for a simple and safe descent. Descent speed is up to 2m/s depending on the weight and number of users. Max user weight is 200kg (280kg in expert use), max rope length 160m.

The RED Pro 3 comes with the new, simple QUCIK ACCESS opening that allows the user to quickly open the vacuum bag during an emergency and all allows simple and quick yearly inspections as well as up to 10 years lifetime for unbroken packages.


Material device: Casted Aluminium
Function: Automatic descent device
Mechanics: Centrifugal break
Lifting mechanics: Hand wheel, Gear ratio 10:1
Rope: Kernmantle rope 32-braided, 9,6mm Polyamid
Attaching connectors: Aluminium carabiner with triple action gate <35kN, gate strength <16kN
Device: 2,2kg


Standards: EN341:2011 cl.A & B; EN1496:2006; ANSI Z359.4-2013; CSA-Z259.2.3-12
Notified Body: DEKRA EXAM GmbH: Dinnedahlstrasse 9, 44809 Bocum, Germany


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