Cresto Redpro Mk1




Product Description

Rescue and evacuation equipment that works on the principle of centrifugal force. Constant lowering speed (0,8 m/sec) regardless of the weight of the person being rescued, or the height from which the person is being lowered from. Easy to use and allows quick and safe evacuation/resuce from, for example, cranes, skylifts, platforms and industrial buildings. Equipped with a winch for shorter lifting distances, brake- and rope-lock. The winch is used to lift a person in order to loosen any lanyards following a fall and to facilitate a safe evacuation. Cresto’s patented vacuum packing secures simple and quick yearly inspections as well as up to 10 years lifetime for unbroken packages.


Material device:Casted Aluminium
Function:Automatic descent device
Mechanics: Centrifugal break
Lifting mechanics:Hand wheel with foldable handle, Gear Ratio 1:10
Rope: Kernmantle rope 32-braided, 9,6mm. Core and sheet of Polyamid
Rope Weight:61g/m
Attaching connector, device:Aluminium carabiner with triple action gate <35kN, gate strength <16kN
Attaching connector, rope:Aluminium carabiner with triple action gate <35kN, gate strength <16kN
Produktvikt:Device: 2,2kg
Kit: Vacuum packed in bag 9450 and Storage box 9449 incl. Rescue Accessory Pac


Standards: EN341:2011 cl.A & B; EN1496:2006; ANSI Z359.4-2013; CSA-Z259.2.3-12
Notified Body: DEKRA EXAM GmbH: Dinnedahlstrasse 9, 44809 Bocum, Germany


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